Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta (uk)

A few kilometers from Milan, a garden of delights, art and history. An undiscovered jewel: between mosaics, statues, frescoes, fountains and water games.


Lainate (Milan)


Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta is located on the territory of Lainate, occupying an area of three hectares. Its proximity to Milan made the Villa resort preferred by many noble families, who have here focused considerable economic resources.

Creator of the entire complex was Count Pirro I Visconti Borromeo, who , around 1585, transformed the agricultural estate, inspired by the Medici villas in Tuscany. He had the collaboration of the best artists working in Lombard area and around the Duomo of Milano to transform the ownership of Lainate in a special place, by bringing together in a wonderful synthesis the genius of the architect Martino Bassi, sculptors Francesco Brambilla the Younger and Marco Antonio Prestinari, painters Camillo Procaccini and Pier Francesco Mazzucchelli said Moray. The Count ordered the construction of the gardens and build the Palace of Water, more commonly known as Ninfeo. The villa became the headquarters of parties and receptions, place of study and laboratory of ideas, welcomed scholars, artists and poets.

After several changes of ownership, Litta from the Weill Weiss, in 1970 the City of Lainate purchased the entire complex and began the restauration. In a few years Villa Borromeo Visconti Litta has returned to live. The visitor can admire today the Palace of the eighteenth century, with frescoes, among which the one decorated by Giuseppe Arise, door of musicians in the Ballroom and large frescoed ceilings in the palace of fifteenth century . Outside, in the italian garden, you can see the eighteenth-century fountains of Neptune and Galatea and the park with 820 trees of 56 different species. 


But the real surprise is the Ninfeo, of great charm and appeal that, because of the wealth of decorations and hydraulic performances, is considered the most important and significant example of art of northern Italy. The palace, built between 1585 and 1589, consists of rooms completely decorated with a mosaic of pebbles and cobbles blacks and tempera paintings, a real unique achievements in the history of mosaic us note.In some of these environments you can admire spectacular games and jokes of water, completely restored. Walking in this area is to take a step back in time, you'll be amazed by the enchantment of a Venus or Mercury, dolphins and dragons.

During the summer months, do not miss the guided tours in the area of the fountains: a stroll through water games and art. The schedule of guided tours are visible on the website:


Private Guided Tours: minimum 20 persons


The villa can be used for Weddings and Banquets. For information, contact the Lainate office of culture.