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(5 Minutes - 2.7 Km from the Golf Hotel - Via Alcide De Gasperi n. 8 Lainate)


Sartoria del Gusto is passion, excellence and ambition. These concepts are the essence of "Made inItaly" products and tell the story of our journey. The passion for pleasure linked to flavours has led us to seek out first-class producers and artisans with whom to share the ambition of conveying the value of product quality. It is this same passion which makes Italian fashion design unique and inimitable and which makes our artists, design, major automobile brands, design creativity and craftsmanship the envy of the entire world.
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Our aim is to wonderfully surprise the taste buds. Our work is made-to-measure like that of an able dressmaker who is capable of creating and perfecting added-value even in the tiniest details. It is easy to think that a vintage wine gives great satisfaction, but maybe you would not immediately think it regarding, for example, flour. It is precisely here that our research journey begins. When it comes to food, as with a perfectly tailored suit, every single ingredient can generate breathtaking sensations, even those ingredients which can seem of little importance. A first-rate product or raw material carries the labour of its creator and the story of its origins.

Ingredients which have a unique taste due to the fact that they are alive and dynamic; they are not average and cannot be considered as such. Our short distribution chain and artisan character make all the difference. We have told you of our journey into the discovery of tastes and flavours and of the people we have the pleasure of collaborating with in order to tempt you to taste these same emotions; the same that we have discovered in the products chosen especially for you, our clients.

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Sartoria del Gusto - Via Alcide De Gasperi n.8 - Lainate (Mi) - Tel .02.93570969